Baltimore Ravens

baltimore cop

While game’s out of town, Baltimore police monitor Super Bowl Sunday 

More than 100 million viewers will be looking at former Super Bowl MVP Ray Lewis playing in New Orleans in his last game this Sunday, but police in Baltimore will be watching Ravens fans back home.

Even though the game is being played out of town, the Baltimore Police Department will deploy Foxtrot helicopters and activate the camera center that displays real-time action on 600 cameras placed throughout the city. It will have more officers in “uniform capacity” monitoring traffic conditions and other police patrolling the streets in regular clothes looking out for “dangerous activity,” including fights and large crowds on Super Bowl Sunday, police said.

Read more by following this link to The Daily Record (February, 2013).

Ravens fans at the inaugural parade 


When asked to compare watching the Baltimore Ravens and coming to the inaugural parade, Mike Zollicoffer (right) said, “It’s just that you were there. It’s like sitting in your house, watching TV, or going to the bar – two different experiences. This is like going to the bar.” The Zollicoffer family made the trip after Mya Zollicoffer (left), a 12-year-old student at Columbia Academy, asked her father Mike to go to the inauguration.

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