9 Truths of Growing Up Portuguese: The Audience Edition

#PortugueseProblems are both shared and real.

And funny.

hilarious2hilarioushilarious 4hilarious 3hilarious 2

But our stories are seldom told.

more stories

more stories.png

Our culture is deeply intertwined with and informed by dimensions of race and class. 


And we seek understanding both within and outside of our communities. 

understanding 2understanding 3understandingunderstanding 4

understanding 4understanding 3understanding 6understandingunderstanding 2

But nostalgia is powerful in bringing us together.

nostalgianostalgia 4nostalgia 2nostalgia3

And, with age, we gain perspective. 

But no matter how much time passes or where our lives take us, we will always be the Portuguese Kids, sharing a special place in our heart for those who came before us.

pride or end.png

Because we are proud to be Portuguese.

pride 2pride 3

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